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Composers 1st Prize and scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

On June 10, 2023, Dr. Sándor Balatoni won 1st prize at the HangKELTŐ composition competition with his choral piece "Regina caeli", and on June 19, 2023, he won a three-year scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts, where he is carrying out a critical publication of all organ works by Gábor Szabó Lisznyay, and will also hold concerts and recordings of the works.

June 20, 2023|

Lectures and habilitation in Oradea (ROM), Osijek (HRV) and Pécs

Between May 15-16, 2023, Dr. Sándor Balatoni held three lectures at the Partium Christian University in Oradea (Nagyvárad) as an Erasmus scholarship lecturer. On May 25, he gave his habilitation lecture at the University of Pécs, for which he received an evaluation of 98%, and on June 6, he gave two lectures as a guest professor at the Academy of arts in Osijek (Eszék).

June 20, 2023|

Carmina vinorum – oratorio premier at the European Winesong festival

The Carmina vinorum oratorio of Sándor Balatoni was premiered with great success on 24th September 2022 at the Kodály Center in Pécs. The performers were the Pannon Philharmonic, the Béla Bartók male choir (dir.: dr. Tamás Lakner), the University male choir (dir.: dr. Tamás Lakner) and Szabolcs Bognár baritone conducted by Dániel Erdélyi.

October 24, 2022|

Composer’s KÓTA Prize

dr. Sándor Balatoni has received the composer's KÓTA Prize at the annual award ceremony of the Association of Hungarian Choirs, Orchestras and Folk Ensembles in Budapest at the cistercian St Emery Gymnasium's ceremonial hall.

January 23, 2022|

Organum Pannonicum 2. CD release

Four years after the first edition of Organum Pannonicum, the second volume is also released with Hungarian organ transcriptions and organ works. This time it was recorded at the St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, which venue has several affiliations with most of the featured composers.

April 19, 2021|

Award-winning composition on the Müpa composition competition

The choral composition of dr. Sándor Balatoni 'Axe Phebus aureo' is also among the award-winning compositions on the Müpa 15th Jubilee composition competition with a total of 258 submitted entries. Due to the pandemic situation the award ceremony and the premiere will take place in 2021 in Budapest at the Palace of Arts.

December 17, 2020|

Prizes at the 5th International Choir Competition of Chanakkale

With the leading of dr. Sandor Balatoni the Mecsek Choir has participated at the 5th International Choir Competition of Chanakkale. They performed two concerts and the competition where they have won the 2nd Prize in their category, the Special Prize of Chanakkale Municipality and the Special Prize for the Best Choice of Repertoire.

July 10, 2019|

Presentations and concerts in China

Between 14-26 June, 2019, dr. Sándor Balatoni attended a tour in China. In the concerts he was also the piano accompanist and his prize-winning composition, Cantate Domino was also on program in Taiyuanban, Chengduban, Qingbaijiangban and Guangzhouban. Beside the concerts he held presentations as well on the North University of China (Taiyuan), Sichuan University (Chengdu) and the Normal University (Qingbaijiang).

June 27, 2019|

Playing the greatest organs of Passau

As a guest of the Salve Regina choir from Keszthely dr. Sándor Balatoni was invited to play the organ on two occasions in Passau, Germany in February. On 16th February dr. Sandor Balatoni has played the great organ of the Passau Cathedral which is still the largest pipe church organ in Europe. As a presenter recital he performed J.S. Bach: Prelude and fugue in b minor (BWV 544) L. Vierne: Final (1st Symphony) and an improvisation.

March 15, 2019|

Presentation and masterclass in Vrsac

On 20th October 2018 dr. Sándor Balatoni held a presentation and a masterclass in Vrsac, Serbia for cantors and church musicians as part of the Interreg IPA-CBC cross-border religious music establishment. The topic of the presentation was 'Liturgic improvisations on catholic chants' and after the presentation a masterclass took place at the great church of Vrsac.

October 26, 2018|

Concerts and presentations in China

dr. Sándor Balatoni, together with prof. Tamás Lakner and dr. Péter Hoppál has participated at the 14th International China Chorus Festival in Beijing and at the Yellow River Festival in Lanzhou at the end of July. During the festivals he participated as a conductor, accompanist, soloist but also held several masterclasses and workshops with his colleagues and the choir of the University of Pécs.

July 31, 2018|

1st Prize at the European Award for Choral Composers

The jury of the European Choral Association has given 1st Prize for the composition Cantate Domino from Sándor Balatoni, which has been selected from 51 anonymous works sent from 16 countries. The prestigious prize will be awarded at the 20th Europa Cantat in Tallin, for which the Ministry of Human Resources also given a Certificate of Honor.

November 28, 2017|

Recordings at the Cathedral of Pécs

With the title, Hungarian organ music the first solo organ recordings of Sándor Balatoni has been released. Besides the classical and less known organ works the CD features his own composition and two transcriptions as well.

August 10, 2017|

Hungarian organ music in the United States

With the title Hungarian organ music Sándor Balatoni had a concert series in the United States, at the Saint Anne church in Rochester (NY), the Holy Trinity in Manhattan (NY), the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn (NY) and at the biggest pipe organ of the world in Atlantic City (NJ) at the famous Boardwalk Hall.

May 13, 2017|

Csorba Prize

Sándor Balatoni was awarded with the Csorba Prize for his composition Zöld és fény at the Kodály Center in Pécs, where the work has been also premiered by the Mecsek Choir.

November 25, 2016|

Prizes at the Croatia Cantat Festival

The Mecsek Choir participated at the 1st Croatia Cantat Festival in Osijek (Croatia) with the leadership of Sándor Balatoni. In ’Classical music’ the choir has won absolute 1st Prize, and in ’Church music’ category they have won 2nd Prize with Gold Medal. Besides the choir’s prizes Sándor Balatoni was given a Special Prize for conducting.

October 3, 2016|

Fulbright scholarship

Sándor Balatoni was awarded with the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, as the only hungarian musician in 2014/2015, thus from September 2014 he conducted his studies in Rochester, New York at the Eastman School of Music with prof. David Higgs. Besides his research he also held several concerts and presentations as well.

May 3, 2015|


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