1st Prize at the European Award for Choral Composers

The jury of the European Choral Association has given 1st Prize for the composition Cantate Domino from Sándor Balatoni, which has been selected from 51 anonymous works sent from 16 countries. The prestigious prize will be awarded at the 20th Europa Cantat in Tallin, for which the Ministry of Human Resources also given a Certificate of Honor.

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Hungarian organ music in the United States

With the title Hungarian organ music Sándor Balatoni had a concert series in the United States, at the Saint Anne church in Rochester (NY), the Holy Trinity in Manhattan (NY), the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn (NY) and at the biggest pipe organ of the world in Atlantic City (NJ) at the famous Boardwalk Hall.

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Csorba Prize

Sándor Balatoni was awarded with the Csorba Prize for his composition Zöld és fény at the Kodály Center in Pécs, where the work has been also premiered by the Mecsek Choir.

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Prizes at the Croatia Cantat Festival

The Mecsek Choir participated at the 1st Croatia Cantat Festival in Osijek (Croatia) with the leadership of Sándor Balatoni. In ’Classical music’ the choir has won absolute 1st Prize, and in ’Church music’ category they have won 2nd Prize with Gold Medal. Besides the choir’s prizes Sándor Balatoni was given a Special Prize for conducting.

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