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Organum Pannonicum

Organum Pannonicum (2017) – Hungarian organ music

The recording, Organum Pannonicum contains 11 Hungarian organ works and transcription from the different periods of music history. Besides the popular pieces, like the famous BACH from Franz Liszt there are several premieres as well, like the transcriptions of the compositions of Pál Esterházy and Béla Bartók, or the Pastoralpartita of Sándor Balatoni.

Virginal book from Lőcse: Choreae Hungaricae (Arr.: István Koloss)

Pál Esterházy: Ave, rosa sine spina (Arr.: Sándor Balatoni)

Franz Liszt: Prelude and fugue on the Name BACH (S.280/II)

Béla Bartók: Evening in Transylvania

Zoltán Kodály: Prelude “Pange lingua”

László Bojtár: Overdue lament for Kodály

Gábor Lisznyay Szabó: Fantasy Saint Stephen

Sándor Balatoni: Pastoralpartita “Come up with great joy he’s born today” (Op.36.)