Sándor Balatoni

organist, composer, conductor


New anthems of the European Winesong Festival in Pécs and the Pueri Cantores in Veszprém

In the past two weekends, two premieres of Dr. Sándor Balatoni were performed, as anthems for two outstanding festivals. On September 23, at the Kodály Center, the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra and the Béla Bartók Men's Choir presented the new anthem of the 30-year European Bordalfestival, and on September 29, the 1st Prize winner composition In terra pax was premiered in Veszprém, which became the anthem of this year's Pueri Cantores International Children's Choir Festival.

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Composers 1st Prize and scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

On June 10, 2023, Dr. Sándor Balatoni won 1st prize at the HangKELTŐ composition competition with his choral piece "Regina caeli", and on June 19, 2023, he won a three-year scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts, where he is carrying out a critical publication of all organ works by Gábor Szabó Lisznyay, and will also hold concerts and recordings of the works.

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Lectures and habilitation in Oradea (ROM), Osijek (HRV) and Pécs

Between May 15-16, 2023, Dr. Sándor Balatoni held three lectures at the Partium Christian University in Oradea (Nagyvárad) as an Erasmus scholarship lecturer. On May 25, he gave his habilitation lecture at the University of Pécs, for which he received an evaluation of 98%, and on June 6, he gave two lectures as a guest professor at the Academy of arts in Osijek (Eszék).

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